My-brand provides business strategy services to many of its clients. These services seek to transform a client’s business from one that expends its marketing dollars on traditional marketing campaigns to one that expends marketing dollars on always-on engagement marketing programs. Discrete initiatives centered on communicating one way to mass, faceless audiences would be replaced with ongoing initiatives centered on each identified consumer enjoying a brand-defining, personalized experience.

Now that you have collected data on your target consumers and developed a strategy based on their needs, how are you going to bring all of that to life? That is where My-brand’s Creative group comes in. These are not just talented artists, designers and writers. These are people who thrive on turning insight based on data into ideas and plans into practice. Our creative not only stops consumers in their tracks, it keeps them engaged and compels them to action.

Delivering technical solutions that solve your custom needs is very important in today’s connected world. Consumers have moved beyond the traditional technology and now expect to consume information where they want it, when they want it. My-brand has a talented technical team with years of experience tying those disparate platforms together and delivering unified solutions for your needs. Our developers are constantly looking across the broadest spectrum of tools and selecting the ones that are efficient and provide world-class solutions for your most difficult problems.

When you give customers a positive, unexpected authentic experience with your brand, they’ll not only remember it — they’ll talk about it. We can help you create these experiences, with data and customer intelligence guiding the experiential strategy. Our proven data-centric approach allows us to understand your customer and create “interruptions” that will be welcomed.

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